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Introducing ethbox Token (EBOX): A New Arrival on the BNB Chain

Welcome to the detailed profile of ethbox Token (EBOX), the latest addition to the BNB Chain. As an exciting new cryptocurrency token, ethbox Token (EBOX) was launched with the intent to join the thriving BNB Chain ecosystem.

This token operates on the BNB Chain, an infrastructure that supports the creation and execution of decentralized applications (dApps) and allows users to transact in digital currencies seamlessly and securely.

At NewCoinHub, we provide up-to-date and comprehensive data about ethbox Token (EBOX) including its current price, trading volume, liquidity status, and the number of holders. We also supply the official smart contract address, crucial for those interested in further exploration or investment.

Please note that the world of cryptocurrency can be volatile and unpredictable. We encourage all visitors to perform their own due diligence and research when considering investments. For the most accurate and recent data, continue to refer to this page, as we strive to update our information in real-time.

Read on to learn more about ethbox Token (EBOX) and find answers to some frequently asked questions.

Token description

ebox provides a unique solution to a problem in cryptocurrency trading that is as devastating as it is widespread. Accidentally sending funds to a mistyped or mistaken recipient address has already been the cause for hundreds of millions, if not billions, of financial damage. Harnessing the cryptographically unbreakable safety of the underlying Ethereum blockchain, ethbox provides a smart contract based digital escrow service to completely alleviate any risk of loss while sending cryptocurrency.

Token overview

What is ethbox Token (EBOX)?

ethbox Token (EBOX) is a newly launched cryptocurrency token on the BNB Chain. We encourage all potential investors to do their due diligence and thoroughly research new tokens before making any investment decisions.

What is the price of ethbox Token today?

As of our latest update, the current price of one ethbox Token (EBOX) is approximately $0.0028. Please note that cryptocurrency prices are extremely volatile and can change rapidly.

How do I buy ethbox Token?

You can purchase ethbox Token (EBOX) by using the 'trade' button on NewCoinHub. Alternatively, PancakeSwap is another platform that allows trading of ethbox Token.

What is ethbox Token smart contract address?

The smart contract address for ethbox Token (EBOX) is 0x33840024177a7daca3468912363bed8b425015c5. Always verify smart contract addresses before making transactions to avoid scams.

What is the ethbox Token Market Cap Today?

The market cap of ethbox Token (EBOX) as of today is $184,221.26. Market cap, which is the total value of all tokens in circulation, is calculated by multiplying the current price by the total supply of the token.

What is the last 24h ethbox Token trading volume?

The trading volume of ethbox Token (EBOX) in the last 24 hours was $0.00. Trading volume represents the total number of tokens traded on all exchanges in the past 24 hours.

How much liquidity does ethbox Token have?

As of now, the liquidity of ethbox Token (EBOX) is $1,212.72. Liquidity refers to the ease with which a cryptocurrency can be bought or sold without affecting its price.

How many people are holding ethbox Token?

Currently, there are 858 holders of ethbox Token (EBOX). This number refers to the total count of unique addresses holding at least some amount of ethbox Token.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Newly Launched Crypto Token?

A newly launched crypto token is a type of cryptocurrency that has recently been released to the market. These tokens are often introduced through a process known as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Initial Dex Offering (IDO), or similar launch mechanism.

What is the BNB Chain?

The BNB Chain, formerly known as the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), is a blockchain network built for running smart contract-based applications. It's designed to be fast and efficient, with a focus on enabling the creation and exchange of new tokens.

What is PancakeSwap?

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) running on the BNB Chain. Users can trade directly from their wallets in an automated manner, offering liquidity in exchange for fees.

What is a smart contract address?

A smart contract address is a unique identifier within a blockchain where a smart contract resides. Transactions, including token buying or selling, interact with these addresses.

What does token liquidity mean?

Token liquidity refers to how easily a token can be bought or sold without causing significant price changes. High liquidity usually means that the token can handle large trading volumes without substantial price swings.

What does token trading volume mean?

Token trading volume is the total quantity of a token that has been traded (bought and sold) during a specific period, typically 24 hours. It provides insight into the token's activity and popularity.

What is a token holder?

A token holder is a person or entity that owns some quantity of a specific cryptocurrency token. The number of holders can be indicative of a token's distribution and its community size.

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